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Thursday, July 19, 2018

What’s Next for Irish Pro-lifers?

Sharia or Sahara: What’s Behind the Genocide in Nigeria?

William Kilpatrick

Despite its patent absurdity, the meme that terror has nothing to do with Islam never seems to die. A reminder of its tenacity comes from Northern Nigeria where assaults on Christians by Muslims are routinely referred to by government, media, and the “international community” as “clashes.” “Over 2000 Nigerians killed in Farmers-Herdsmen clashes.” That typical […]

What’s Next for Irish Pro-lifers?

K. V. Turley

There has been much ink spilt over the recent referendum result in Ireland. Analysis of the reasons as to why that vote was lost may, however, provide seeds for a strategy to win similar debates in the future. For the first time in Irish politics, the former fault lines of Irish politics—anti versus pro-British, Protestant versus […]

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