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Thursday, July 12, 2018

There is more than one meaning for Post-millennial

When politicians determine your religious beliefs
The New York Times: We don't just take cues about politics from our pastors and priests; we take cues about religion from our politicians, says Michele Margolis.

What two fictional Gileads can teach us about America in 2018
Vox: Marilynne Robinson and Margaret Atwood both set their novels in fictional Gileads, but that name has a much older history, Alissa Wilkinson says.

Top Trump evangelical ally: Jesus never broke immigration law
Vox: Paula White uses Jesus's sinlessness to defend Trump on family separation.

After shuttering 700 churches, Rwanda proposes stricter clergy guidelines
Religion News Service: After closing more than 700 churches and some mosques in March, Rwandan government officials have moved to institute guidelines for how faith groups operate in the majority-Christian East African country.

Post-millennial generation 'more tolerant' of Christianity
The (London) Guardian: The post-millennial generation in the UK are slightly more tolerant of Christian faith and worship than those in older age groups, although few people of any age see Christians as more fun than atheists, according to a survey.

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