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Friday, July 6, 2018

The Socialist Temptation

The Socialist Temptation

James Kalb

Socialism never goes away. A quarter century after its collapse in Eastern Europe and Russia and the success of market-oriented reforms elsewhere, many people once again see it as the ideal. That’s true even in the Church. Not so very long ago Saint John XXIII could reaffirm the teaching of Pope Pius XI that “No Catholic […]

On Defying the Majority When They Are Wrong

Richard Becker

“The majority can often be wrong.” ~ Charlan Nemeth John Mulaney’s grandmother is my new hero. I admit it’s an odd claim because I don’t know much about her—not even her name. But, based on John’s testimony, I know this much: His grandmother is no respecter of persons. She cares not a speck for popular […]

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