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Friday, July 20, 2018

Slowly Boiled Friendship?

Slowly Boiled Friendship?

Austin Ruse

There is a man named David Hart who runs what I once called “a smelly little blog” called Slowly Boiled Frog that lays waste to Christians who take public and aggressive stands against the gay agenda. He has come after me more than twenty times in recent years. This is how David introduced me to […]

Ryszard Legutko’s Critique of Western Liberalism

Jerry D. Salyer

For quite some time now, American intellectuals have taken a particular interest in Poland. During the Cold War, the Polish people’s resistance to communism was held up as an example of fidelity, and Pope John Paul II’s leadership of the Church was taken to be a quintessential example of the Polish spirit. The honeymoon is […]

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