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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My Encounter with Light in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

My Encounter with Light in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Regis Nicoll

When Jesus told his disciples, “I am the light of the world,” he was saying something deeply profound about himself. In fact, my academic background in physics convinces me that nothing in the material universe reveals as much about the divine nature. Most of us think of light as a source of illumination that renders […]

Why Apps Cannot Replace Temperance in Preventing Suicide

John Horvat II

In a fast-paced world, everyone wants everything instantly and effortlessly. That desire is part of a culture in which happiness and pleasure are expected yet not always delivered. When people inevitably fail to obtain all that they want, they suffer from stress and depression. No one should be surprised that they also want instant relief […]

The Child as Window in At the Back of the North Wind

Mitchell Kalpakgian

In George MacDonald’s At the Back of the North Wind, a child sleeping in his cozy bed at night hears the voice of the North Wind speaking to him in the appearance of a beautiful woman with dark eyes and black hair streaming in all directions. Entering through a window by Diamond’s bed, the whispering […]

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