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Monday, July 30, 2018

Losing Their Religion

Losing Their Religion

William Kilpatrick

From time to time, readers of my articles will ask: “What do you want to do—go to war with 1.7 billion Muslims?” The question implies that any criticism of Islam will force the members of this “peaceful religion” to respond with massive violence. More or less the same argument was used during the Cold War. […]

Effective Pro-Life Strategies for a Post-Roe World

Nicholas Senz

With the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and the nomination and all-but-certain appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh in his place, pro-lifers feel much more hope in realizing their dream: the reversal of Roe v. Wade and the deconstruction of one of the world’s most permissive and destructive abortion regimes. Yet some legal scholars argue that, […]

Remembering the Troubadour of Saint Folly

Amy Fahey

“Pray that I may love God more. It seems to me that if I can learn to love God more passionately, more constantly, without distractions, that absolutely nothing else can matter…. I receive Holy Communion every morning, so it ought to be all the easier for me to attain this object of my prayers. I […]

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