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Thursday, July 26, 2018

How I made it back to church

How I made it back to church
The New York Times: For a brief moment on Easter Sunday 2017, 15 years after essentially abandoning Christianity in an act of self-preservation, Michael Arceneaux was able to experience religion the way he wished he always had.

'She is loose': A historic group of female Lutheran bishops on #MeToo and the Holy Spirit
Religion News Service: ELCA's six female bishops-elect gathered for a roundtable discussion about women in leadership in the church in the #MeToo era, and the challenges Lutheran congregations face in different parts of the United States.

Editorial: Addressing abuse, church must address the betrayal of community
National Catholic Reporter: It is time for an apostolic visitation to US church about clergy abuse.

New Canadians are injecting vigor into the country's religious life
The Economist: Compared with people born in Canada, newcomers to the country are much more likely to practice a faith, regardless of whether they were devout back in the homeland.

'No land for love or money': how gentrification hit the Mennonites
The (London) Guardian: Squeezed by encroaching cities and soaring land prices, Mennonites in Canada are once again on the move.

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