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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Episcopalians move to change their words for God

What an eroding Christian witness in America urgently needs: mature Christians
Baptist News Global: Molly T. Marshall offers a few thoughts on what a mature Christian looks like.

Southern Baptists, gender hierarchy, and the road to Trump
Religion & Politics: The conservative/fundamentalist resurgence/takeover in the SBC was one of the most consequential political events of the 20th century.

Study links anti-Muslim discrimination with radicalization
Religion News Service: Study suggests that pro-ISIS sympathy is most prevalent in communities with high levels of anti-Muslim sentiment.

What's in a name? Episcopalians move to change their words for God
Religion News Service: Bishops, priests and lay delegates are discussing legislation that would make changes to the Book of Common Prayer aimed at stripping away some of the masculine descriptions of God in favor of more "expansive" language.

C of E to create 100 new churches as number of Anglicans hits new low
The (London) Guardian: The Church of England will create more than 100 new churches to "revive the Christian faith in coastal areas, market towns and outer urban housing estates" in the face of a record low number of people identifying as Anglicans.

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