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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Treating Embryocide With White Gloves

How Is a Man Not Like a Computer?

Anthony Esolen

I have just read a fascinating and, to my mind, cheerful article by the research psychologist Robert Epstein, on why your brain is not a computer, for the simple reason that your brain does not store memories in the way that a computer does, nor does it function according to algorithms. We are not computers […]

Treating Embryocide With White Gloves

Deacon Thomas J. Davis, Jr.

Pope Francis recently commented on the practice of prenatal testing to identify developmental defects in utero, which, if positive, typically results in abortion. “The murder of children. And to have a nice life, they do away with an innocent.” He recounted how he learned at school that the Spartans of ancient Greece took deformed babies up […]

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