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Friday, June 22, 2018

How to Properly Respond to the Homosexualist Priest

How to Properly Respond to the Homosexualist Priest

Declan Carrick Lyons

Let’s be honest: We do not have a “homosexual priest” problem within the Church. Rather, we have a homosexualist priest problem within the Church. Priests who might experience same-sex attraction at least have the possibility of addressing that issue effectively in order to live their priestly vocation as a true icon of the Church’s Bridegroom, […]

Religious Liberty Thwarted by Canadian High Court Decision

John Paul Meenan

I should apologize for more bad news from Canada (and more to come with the recent legalization of marijuana), but it comes with a tinge of hope: Last Friday, Trinity Western University, a Christian university in Langley, British Columbia, was denied the right to offer law degrees by the Supreme Court of Canada, due to […]

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