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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How a small congregation changed a larger one

Sister Joanna takes the final step to monastic life

After years of discernment, a young Catholic woman enters the monastery -- and a life of prayer as a cloistered nun.

In the final episode of "Can These Bones," co-host Laura Everett talks with Matthew Croasmun about the popular Yale undergraduate course that invites students to apply the best of their intellectual energy to questions of meaning, purpose, value and worth.

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The pastor of an inner-city Chicago church shares how he and his congregation have changed the way they work in their neighborhood -- and how that has changed the community itself.

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When the Woman's Missionary Union of Texas reached out to young women, they were overwhelmed by the response. Hundreds of young Latinas gathered at the SHINE conference to talk about everything from suicide to teen pregnancy.

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Tangier Island is losing up to 16 feet of coastline every year and will be uninhabitable within 50 years. How many congregations find themselves similarly watching the sea rise, and why aren't we doing more for them?

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After his church merged with a smaller, older congregation, a pastor discovered that -- like the yeast that leavens the loaf -- the addition of new members changed his work in wonderful ways.

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