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Friday, June 8, 2018

Fewer couples are marrying in churches. Does it matter?

Religion professors become flashpoint in campus culture wars
Sightings: If our classrooms become sites in which all trust is lost, in which either student or faculty provocateurs seek conflict, in which a conversation gone wrong becomes a social-media firestorm, education will become impossible, says David P. Gushee.

The wrong kind of Jesus: from symbol to substance
Baptist News Global: Christians in America today often seem captivated by the wrong kind of Jesus, replacing the "come-to-me-all-ye-who-labor-and-are-heavy-laden" Nazarene with a weaponized Christ, suitable for intimidating and/or excluding each other, says Bill Leonard.

Fewer couples are marrying in churches. Does it matter?
Religion News Service: What accounts for this dramatic change? Is anything lost? Does it even matter?

Louisville Presbyterian seminary names new president
Louisville Business Journal: The Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary has named the Rev. Alton Pollard III, a scholar of diverse religions and cultures, as its 10th president.

A forgotten religion gets a second chance in Brooklyn
The New York Times: Various churches dot the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights. But the Faithists stand apart with an unusual history.

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