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Friday, June 8, 2018

A Letter From Spain in the Year 2050

Of Mice and Men Without Chests

Anna Githens

At first glance one might surmise that the title of this article alludes to the characters in John Steinbeck’s classic. Truthfully, while reading Of Mice and Men I grew to like the characters and found myself empathizing with some of their hardships. A good author is able to pull his readers into the world of […]

A Letter From Spain in the Year 2050

Antonio Carlos Pereira-Menaut

In the year 2050, Spain, once a proud global empire of strong-willed people, has become Brussels’ poster child. Few countries have transformed their anthropology so deeply and quickly. Modernization, technocratization and Europeanization have been pushed so dramatically that it looks like an EU super-vassal state. The drive for democracy has long since given way to […]

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