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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Pitfalls of Church Renewal

The Pitfalls of Church Renewal

Regis Nicoll

The disturbing decades-long decline in church rolls along with the growth of the “nones” and rise of the “dones” has led me to believe that the most urgent business of the Church is not the evangelization of the lost, as important as that is, but the re-evangelization of the “saved.” Why so? It is a […]

A Catholic Convert’s Case for Religion Over Mere Spirituality

Stephen Beale

The spiritual-but-not-religious phenomenon has its roots in the Reformation, but it has taken flight in the United States, fanned by the ego-affirming consumerism, democratic individualism, and the atomizing effects of mass media and modern technology. Now, more than a quarter of Americans identify as “spiritual but not religious,” according to the latest survey from the […]

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