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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sunday Bulletin-Saint Patrick Catholic Parish-May 20, 2018

Sunday Bulletin
Saint Patrick Catholic Parish
 Sunday, May 20, 2018 — Pentecost Sunday


Everyone, at sometime, has a breach of good health. When we are young, we generally recover quickly because we are strong. Later on, we start to feel the changes that effect our health. We put on more weight, our metabolism slows dawn and we don’t recover as quickly as we want. I say these things because, in time, we all need the help of good doctors and good medical advice.

For a long time, America thought of a Health Plan as great, as long as we had it provided by your place of business. Lots of people could not afford a Health Plan and many did not receive it as an employment benefit.

A number of our Presidents have tried to create Health Plans for everyone, but mostly were not able to get the Health Care Plans passed through the Congress. The excuse was usually that it was too expensive. Finally, we had a Plan that was passed, but only by half of the Congress. The other Party decided not to support it. When they, the other Party, eventually gained control, they took away the financial help needed to allow millions of people to participate in the “Affordable Care Act” program or “ACA.”

So after Congress finally passed something that allowed the poor and parts of the middle class to share in Health Care, it, too, has been taken away.

There is a lot of talk about how Congress is going to create a less expensive Plan, a better Plan, but unfortunately, it is only talk. To my mind, it is a great disservice to have so many millions of people without proper Health Care. It is not right! Let us pray for Congress to finally find a solution that works for everyone.

God Bless, Fr. Michael, O.S.A.

Sunday, May 20, 2018 — Pentecost Sunday

of the Roman Catholic Diocese and City of San Diego,
declare this to be our primary mission:
to come together to celebrate the Eucharist,
hear God’s word proclaimed,
give praise and thanksgiving to God,
and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We believe that by freely sharing our faith, talents, and treasures,
we discover Christ’s presence among us and bring Him to others.
We have a strong desire to give and receive love, service, peace, support,
and fellowship, within our families, our parish, our community, and the world.
Open to the power of the Holy Spirit, we pursue this mission faithfully and lovingly.

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