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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Pronouns, Prefixes, and the Cult of the Self

Same-Sex Parenting: The Child Maltreatment No One Mentions

Stephen M. Krason

Recently, Utah found it necessary to put a law into effect that allows “free-range parenting.” That is, parents are free to make the judgment that their children are, say, free to walk to the local park by themselves or to bike a couple of blocks away from home without child protective services showing up at […]

Pronouns, Prefixes, and the Cult of the Self

R. M. Stangler

This will sound like a humorous question, but it is one I have turned over in my mind for months now, and one that cultural conservatives and practicing Christians will eventually have to confront: how much should we care about pronouns? Put differently, should we care that one individual wants to be called “they”? Or […]

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