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Friday, May 4, 2018

House chaplain wins job back

Trump marks National Day of Prayer with new faith initiative
Religion News Service: President Trump marked his second National Day of Prayer at the White House by signing an executive order he said would protect the liberty of religious groups and give them fair access to government funds.
The Atlantic: Trump creates a not-so-new faith office in the White House

House chaplain wins job back after scalding letter to Ryan
Associated Press: The embattled chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives has won his job back just hours after sending a scalding letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Religious symbols take center stage
Spiegel: The Bavarians want crosses in public buildings, German Jews want to be able to wear kippas in public without being attacked and Muslims would like more understanding for the headscarf. Germany's search for identity has turned religious.

"I was part of the problem," Francis tells Chilean abuse victims
America: "I was part of the problem! I caused this. I am very sorry, and I ask your forgiveness," Pope Francis told the Chilean victims of sexual abuse and cover up.

Three-fold increase in young people on Church of England ministry-discernment placements
Anglican News Service: A record number of people are taking part in a Church of England program that provides a practical year in a parish to young people considering a call to ministry.

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