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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Domestic violence in the church: When women are believed, change will happen

Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson removed as president of Fort Worth seminary as accusations grow
The Dallas Morning News: After a marathon closed executive session that lasted into the early morning, the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has ousted Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson as president.
The Washington Post: Southern Baptist leader encouraged a woman not to report alleged rape to police and told her to forgive assailant, she says
Religion News Service: Paige Patterson has resigned. Imagine if he were Tim Cook.

Domestic violence in the church: When women are believed, change will happen
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: The insistence by many public Christian voices that churches are safer places has blinded many to what was, and is, occurring in their midst.

Is stewardship ethical?
Insights: A strange question, but maybe one worth considering, says David P. King.

Michael Curry's sermon: Why the critics don't get it
Christian Today: Aside from the depressing tendency of Christians to be negative about everything that makes people happy, the reaction of some critics shows how little they understand about how these public occasions ought to work.
Christian Today: Preaching Michael Curry-style: How long should a sermon be?

Fuller Theological Seminary leaving Pasadena and putting campus up for sale
The Los Angeles Times: Fuller is acquiring downtown land in the eastern San Gabriel Valley city of Pomona where it will build a more accessible campus with lower surrounding housing costs.

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