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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

a unique interfaith collaboration

Three Abrahamic congregations in Omaha, Nebraska, have created the Tri-Faith Initiative, building separate houses of worship and a shared community center to promote peace and understanding among communities of different faiths.

In this episode of "Can These Bones," co-host Laura Everett talks to airline executive Marty St. George about the importance -- and practice -- of instilling shared values across an organization.

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It's popular to romanticize networks over against hierarchies. But thinking of the two together invites Christian institutional leaders into a more life-giving and sustainable vision.

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Understanding the way that America's history has subverted our reading of the Bible is necessary if we are to be freed from institutional racism and to embrace a Christianity that recognizes the equal worth of every person, says the author of "Reconstructing the Gospel."

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The founder of an after-school program learns about the power and beauty of gentleness and what it might bring to the lives of children who are struggling.

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A theological educator's perspective has slowly changed, and he has reframed his career as God's work on him, in him and through him. He implores other seminary professors to do the same.

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