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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Why Catholic colleges excel at basketball

'For they were afraid': the threat of resurrection
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Resurrection means giving up the undisturbedness of the tomb for the uncertainty of an open future. It means being stripped of the consolations of cynicism and resignation.

The little-known theology behind white evangelical support of Donald Trump
Texas Observer: Christian virtues like love, mercy and forgiveness apply to individuals, not government, according to Two Kingdoms theology deployed by evangelicals like Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress.

50 years after Martin Luther King's death, a 'new King' fights for justice
The (London) Guardian: The Rev. Dr. William Barber, a pastor and political leader in North Carolina, believes mere remembrance is not enough.

Why Catholic colleges excel at basketball
The New York Times: In college basketball, Catholic schools have long punched well above their weight. The reasons stretch back a century -- and, some would argue, to the New Testament itself.

Pope Francis and hell
Religion News Service: So why the confusion about Francis and hell?

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