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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The costs of speaking truth to power

Church leaders who propelled civil rights movement look to rekindle King's activist spirit
The New York Times: Fifty years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, black pastors are issuing a call to action and using different methods to achieve common goals.
Religion News Service: Picture a King  

Martin Luther King's death tore America apart. We still can't reckon with African American demands for justice
The Los Angeles Times: Now, as then, a segment of white America views all forms of black protest as unacceptable and unpatriotic, Jason Sokol says.

New documents reveal how the FBI deployed a televangelist to discredit Martin Luther King
Religion & Politics: The FBI's efforts to destroy King's reputation are well known, but less known is how the bureau colluded with a widely successful black radio preacher and televangelist in their campaign against King.

The costs of speaking truth to power
Baptist News Global: This week, the Rev. Amy Butler has been pondering the cost of being a leader who has the courage and tenacity to tell the truth.

Beijing insists on control over religion, dampening chances of China-Vatican deal
Christian Today: There is no religion above the state, a Chinese official has said, dampening hopes of an imminent deal between Beijing and the Vatican over the appointment of bishops.

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