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Friday, April 6, 2018

The conservative case against Pope Francis

Forget culture. It's a new theology we need
Church Times: Linda Woodhead reflects on deeper problems revealed by hearings on child sexual abuse in the Church of England.

Social media and sin
Sightings: Religion may offer an important explanation as to why Facebook is so problematic both for society and for individual well-being, says Trevor Sutton.

The conservative case against Pope Francis -- and why it matters
Vox: Ross Douthat's new book asks some important questions about Catholicism, and modernity as a whole.

'Concerned' evangelicals plan to meet with Trump as sex scandals swirl
NPR: White evangelicals fueled Trump's campaign, but some now worry about recent sex scandals and the effect they could have on the midterm elections.

Jerry Falwell responds to Shane Claiborne's invitation to pray with threat of year in jail and $2,500 fine
Christian Today: Jerry Falwell Jr. has threatened legal action against progressive Christian leader Shane Claiborne in response to being invited to pray with him.

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