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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Secular Superficiality Versus the Rootedness of Culture

The Heresy of Hell as Self-Inflicted

Charles Robertson

The brouhaha that erupted last month over the latest Scalfari interview with Pope Francis concerned whether the Holy Father really believes in the existence of hell. The Vatican press office was quick to deny Scalfari’s claim. Yet the controversy overshadowed only briefly a more contentious and longstanding debate in theological circles over eternal punishment. Since Pope […]

Secular Superficiality Versus the Rootedness of Culture

Anthony Esolen

The other day we Americans were informed by National Public Radio that it was Easter Sunday, when Christians celebrate the fact that Jesus did not have to go to hell or purgatory, but rose straight into heaven. It is like saying that Christopher was named Columbus after the capital of Oklahoma, or that Joan of […]

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