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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Saints are people, too

Misremembering 1968
Religion & Politics: The events of 1968 as they relate to race and politics still live on in American public memory and policies, in ways that we continue to fail to understand.

Saints are people, too
Bearings: An interview with Karen Wright Marsh about her book, "Vintage Sinners and Saints: 25 Christians who Transformed my Faith."

East-side church rebuilding homes and lives in forgotten neighborhood
Indianapolis Star: Behind Eastern Star Church on Indy's east side, a rebirth is changing the landscape of Priscilla Avenue.

Alan Jacobs: a Christian intellectual for the internet age
America: Alan Jacobs is a Christian intellectual who has dedicated most of his career to bridging gaps not only between Christians and non-Christians but also between disciplines and audiences.

How Yo-Yo Ma became God
Religion News Service: It takes real artistry not only to know when to do -- but when not to do, as well.

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