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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Islam, Immigration and the Decaying Christian West

A Vulnerable Church Can Not Afford to Forget Its Enemies

Bob Sullivan

The 1960s were extremely hard on the Catholic Church. The damage done by relativism, contraception, abortion, no-fault divorce (summed up as the Sexual Revolution) and Cultural Marxism has resonated for five decades. When dissident priests such as Fr. Charles Curran advocated for a distorted version of social justice in Catholic colleges and universities, the prophetic […]

Islam, Immigration and the Decaying Christian West

Derya Little

I am an immigrant. When my marriage brought me to the US, I spoke English, I was a PhD candidate, and I was a Christian. On top of all that, I was married to an American. Surely, my integration would be easy. Not so. Everything was different in the West. I had first noticed it […]

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