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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Who framed Mary Magdalene?

The transformative promise of Pope Francis, five years on
The New Yorker: A proper evaluation of the Argentine's pontificate must begin not with the Pope himself but with the response that he has drawn from a vast population, including the legions who could care less about his creed, James Carroll says.
Religion News Service: Francis at 5: Paradigm shift in mercy, migrants and marriage

'Fundamentalist U'
Inside Higher Ed: Author Adam Laats discusses his new book on evangelical higher education.

Undomesticated love
Cardus: Curtis Freeman's "Undomesticated Dissent" is a timely read for Christians of all stripes, raising fundamental questions about the role of opposition in how we conceive of Christianity.

Who framed Mary Magdalene?
The (Dublin) Independent: As a new film about her life emerges, scholars are arguing for Mary Magdalene to be deemed a prominent leader of the early church. 

Bringing the Sistine Chapel to life, with the Vatican's blessing
The New York Times: An impresario known for his ceremonies at Olympic Games is recreating one of the world's great masterpieces. Will the spectacle appeal to tourists and Romans?

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