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Monday, March 12, 2018

This Lent, What Tops Your Bucket List?

This Lent, What Tops Your Bucket List?

Regis Nicoll

Lent is a season that brings us full face with the Great Paradox: To live, I must die. It is a supreme spiritual truth meant not to paralyze us, but to prompt us to ponder: “In dying, how should I live?” In the last few years, the hanging statement, “Before I die I want to […]

VSED: A New Form of Assisted Suicide

Richard Becker

“Suicide is always as morally objectionable as murder.” ~ Pope St. John Paul II Super Bowl LII is in the books now, and everybody knows that the Philadelphia Eagles were victorious on the field—finally! But what about the real battle of Super Bowl Sunday—that is, who won the contest for best commercial? Doritos and Mountain […]

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