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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The tragedy of religious freedom

Frank Page, Southern Baptist leader, retires due to 'inappropriate relationship'
Religion News Service: Frank Page, the Southern Baptist Convention's top executive, is retiring as president and CEO of its executive committee following what he called a "personal indiscretion."

The tragedy to communities when church buildings are demolished to make condos
The Washington Post: When cities watch passively as sacred spaces slowly disappear and are increasingly privatized, the entire community loses out.

Oh, lord, why do we even need to tell you this? Religion and branding don't mix.
Entrepreneur: Two Canadian ice cream entrepreneurs playfully put "Jesus" in the shop name. Predictably, a lot of Christians aren't amused.

The agony of faith
The New York Times: After many years, Jennifer Finney Boylan has come to believe that doubt is, in fact, the drive wheel of faith, not its obstacle.

The tragedy of religious freedom
Religion Dispatches: How do we distinguish between attempts to license discrimination that come cloaked in the language of religious freedom and genuine disagreements about how people and institutions of vastly different convictions can live together in a pluralistic society?

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