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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stephen Hawking 'pointed theologians towards a God

For clergy, it's unsettling to realize sometimes the helper needs help
Baptist News Global: The Rev. Mark Wingfield was so accustomed to being the helper that he didn't know how to be the one needing help.

Stephen Hawking 'pointed theologians towards a God with the universe in the palm of his hand'
Church Times: Stephen Hawking's contribution to science has been praised by ordained scientists and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

American Bible Society's .bible domain policies restrict religious freedom online, critics say
Religion News Service: A group of Bible scholars is concerned about free expression on the internet.

Resident good: how video games can be used in church
The (London) Guardian: Video games have often attracted moral outrage from religious groups. But clergy are increasingly interested in how they can be used to explore spirituality in a Christian setting.

What the Museum of the Bible conveys about Biblical scholarship behind church doors
Religion & Politics: What do museum representatives tell congregations when they think no one else is listening?

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