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Monday, March 26, 2018

Standing at the Crossroads of the Cross

Standing at the Crossroads of the Cross

Regis Nicoll

Crossroads, a blues classic performed by Eric Clapton, is a song about a man seeking escape from his desperate existence. Will he find it in a motorcycle ride, a drinking binge, a flight from one destination to the next, or in God’s grace? At the song’s end, we are left to wonder. Nevertheless, the lyrics, […]

An Alternative to Common Core and College Board Testing

Mo Woltering

Regardless of whether you are a Catholic educator, a classical educator or both, standardized testing has an influence on what you do. Even if your school never mentions the SATs or ACTs in any classes, your students have to concern themselves with these tests for their collegiate aspirations. While some colleges have adopted test optional […]

The Problem of Evil in Graham Greene’s The Hint of an Explanation

Stephen Fitzpatrick

“Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.” ∼Matthew 6:34 Evil is an ever-present reality of our lives, but it is one with which we have difficulty reconciling ourselves. Why does evil happen to good people, or for that matter, why does evil happen at all? The problem of evil in the world—closely related to […]

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