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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Restore Liturgical Beauty with Chant and Polyphony

Restore Liturgical Beauty with Chant and Polyphony

John Paul Meenan

The tragedy of the loss of beauty in liturgy is not something which we should dismiss lightly, for if there is one thing we can glean from Scripture, and from the Church’s two millennia of Tradition, it is that we should offer the very best to God in our worship of him; yet what we […]

Dying for the Truth: Hans and Sophie Scholl

Marie Meaney

Seventy-five years ago, Hans and Sophie Scholl were guillotined, just four days after the janitor at the University of Munich caught them distributing anti-Nazi fliers. She was 21, he 24, but they went to their death courageously, peacefully. They had stood up against the lies of the Third Reich, its contempt for human life, especially […]

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