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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

One way to get people to church on Sunday: Give away free cars

Could there be another Billy Graham?
The Conversation: Current trends suggest that evangelicalism is out of step with younger Americans. But, a scholar says, evangelicalism has been here before.

What does faith have to do with sports? A lot, it turns out
ARDA: Philosophers and ethicists are directing their lofty attention to the connection among sports, faith and the common good.

A rabbi, an imam and a pastor walk onto a stage...
The Economist: How three men of different beliefs are advocating religious tolerance.

One way to get people to church on Sunday: Give away free cars
The Washington Post: Randomly giving away cars to people who show up to worship demonstrates God's unbelievable, no-strings-attached goodness, pastor says. And it sure helps get people in the door on a Sunday morning.

Newlyweds church group still together after 64 years
Associated Press: A newlyweds group from the First United Methodist Church in Sioux Falls is still together after 64 years.

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