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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

More Reasons Why “Blessing” Gay Couples Is Scandalous

Whose Side Are They On?

William Kilpatrick

As I’ve often observed, if Islam ever succeeds in subjugating America it won’t be primarily through force of arms, but through cultural jihad (aka stealth jihad). For cultural jihad to succeed, however, it’s necessary that there are enough people in the target culture who are willing to ignore it or even to facilitate it. Put […]

More Reasons Why “Blessing” Gay Couples Is Scandalous

John M. Grondelski

When the Church “blesses” someone, it usually does so for one of two reasons: to ask God to protect that person from evil, or to confirm that person in the good. Because our spiritual lives are dynamic—at no point are we “holy” enough to rest on our laurels—those two reasons are usually two sides of […]

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