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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Member Spotlight: World Vision

Billy Graham, Champion of the Gospel, Dies at 99

“Billy Graham has been the best known face and voice of evangelicalism for more than half a century,” said Leith Anderson, NAE President. “With Christian graciousness, he transcended political and religious differences to faithfully proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Read More.

Religion vs. Science 

Are religion and science in conflict? How do different religious groups view science? Do evangelicals perceive tension between science and their faith? Today’s Conversation podcast with NAE President Leith Anderson and Elaine Howard Ecklund, professor at Rice University, covers these questions and more. Listen in.  

Evangelical Leaders Don't Want Partisan Political Identity 

According to the January Evangelical Leaders Survey, 83 percent of evangelical leaders do not believe evangelicals in America should be identified with the person and policies of the current president. The leaders’ comments clarify that most don’t think evangelicals should be identified with any president. 
Read more.

Member Spotlight: World Vision

World Vision, an international partnership of Christians, strives to "...follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God." Learn more.

Article Spotlight: Not an Act of God: Ministries Respond to Surge in Mass Shootings

Christianity Today — Chaplains from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) arrived in Parkland, Florida, within hours of Wednesday's school shooting that killed at least 17 teens and faculty members. Read more.

Event Spotlight: Evangelical Press Association's Annual Convention 

The Evangelical Press Association's annual convention, which will be held April 4-6 in Orlando, serves as a way to explore new ideas and learn from one another through powerful seminars, workshops, discussions and presentations. Learn more.

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