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Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday: The Start of a New Beginning

Good Friday: The Start of a New Beginning

Fr. John A. Perricone

To the sophisticated Romans of the ancient world crucifixions were a hum-drum affair. They were as routine as writing a traffic ticket. For instance, in 71 B.C. seven thousand slaves led by Spartacus revolted. After they were captured, each one was crucified. Suetonius tells us that the line of the crucifixions extended for 240 miles, […]

New Film Shows How Dying for Christ Isn’t So Simple

Monica Migliorino Miller

Some months ago this film critic presented a review of Scorsese’s Silence—a movie that definitely explored the issue of how Christians respond to martyrdom. Consistent with the director’s own well-know faith struggles, Silence delivered an ambiguous, troubled look at committed Christians giving in to their persecutors, a movie that certainly concluded that dying for one’s […]

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