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Friday, March 16, 2018

Angels unawares: How should we welcome visitors to church?

As China tightens rules on religion, unregistered churches wince
The Economist: Although Christians are growing more numerous in China, the wriggle room allowed to them is shrinking.

Pope Francis is beloved. His papacy might be a disaster.
The New York Times: Francis takes risks while reshaping the Catholic Church's relations with the modern world.

John Pavlovitz, digital pastor of the resistance, pitches a bigger Christian tent
Religion News Service: Fans are eager to hear straight talk from a man who professes Christianity but criticizes the church and its leaders for their hypocrisy or silence in the face of today's injustices.

How frontier nuns challenged gender norms
Daily JSTOR: Free from the need to raise children or tend to husbands or families, nuns could travel, create and run institutions, and exercise leadership. And they helped break down anti-Catholic stereotypes along the way.

Angels unawares: How should we welcome visitors to church?
Christian Today: What should shape our approach to people we don't know is an awareness of their unique individuality -- and above all, a desire not to recruit them to the church, but to draw them nearer to God.

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