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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What evangelicals can learn from George Lindbeck

On college campuses, some evangelicals find room to reflect
Religion News Service: Twenty-four Christian study centers at some of the nation's most competitive universities want to cast off the perception that evangelicals are anti-intellectual or anti-science.

Ornate architectural grandeur, captured in thousands of digital photographs
The New Yorker: Markus Brunetti's pictures of church fa├žades have nothing to do with religion but you still have to take them on faith.

What evangelicals can learn from George Lindbeck
Christianity Today: Here's why one of the leaders of postliberalism believed conservative Protestants would carry the torch.

Millennials abandon hope for religion but revere human rights
The Conversation: Canada's movement away from religion towards "spirituality" reflects a desire to leave behind hierarchical understandings of religion towards a more socially liberal one.

Mayor Megan Barry wants to earn your forgiveness. Experts say that is up to you.
The (Nashville) Tennessean: Mayor Megan Barry hopes to earn the forgiveness of the people of Nashville after admitting to an affair with the head of her security detail. But it is not up to her.

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