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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What did Jesus wear?

What to give up for Lent 2018? Consider Twitter's top 100 ideas
Christianity Today: Last year, Trump ranked between Facebook and hope.

Eat, pray, love: An Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day dilemma
The New York Times: The confluence of the events has created a dilemma for Roman Catholics and followers of other Christian denominations who observe Ash Wednesday.

A conversation with Michael Emerson on race, humility and ways we can talk to one another
ARDA: Few people are better able to offer perspective on the polarized state of the nation than Michael Emerson, one of the foremost sociologists on race, religion and civility in the United States.

What did Jesus wear?
Religion News Service: For historian Joan Taylor, trying to visualize Jesus accurately is a way to understand Jesus more accurately, too. And Jesus' appearance would have had much to do with what he was wearing.

Vatican agreement with China could 'deal blow' to Catholic church
The (London) Guardian: The Catholic church risks damaging its moral authority and plunging its followers into confusion if the Vatican presses ahead with an imminent deal with the Chinese government, a group of influential Catholics has warned.

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