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Monday, February 5, 2018

The scariest Catholic in America

Martin Luther King Jr. commercial for Ram trucks is swiftly criticized
The New York Times: The general sentiment: Did the company really just use Dr. King's words about the value of service to sell trucks?
Vox: Dodge uses Martin Luther King's anticapitalist sermon to sell pickup trucks

Re-conceptualizing sacred spaces
Pacific Standard: Churches are centers for community gatherings, but as less people remain affiliated to specific religions they need to adapt to continue connecting people.

The scariest Catholic in America
The New York Times: Why all this drama? What's Father James Martin's unconscionable sin?

Physician-assisted suicide won't atone for medicine's 'original sin'
Stat: There are some things doctors must not do. Intentionally ending patients' lives is chief among them, Ira Byock says.
Stat: I'm a doctor with end-stage cancer. I support medical aid in dying

Why the religious left is a political failure
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: The religious left has primarily defined itself by what it is against. Politically, what do they actually stand for?

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