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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Presbyterian roots of ice hockey in North Korea

Dissecting America's muted response to mass shootings
Pacific Standard: The U.S. is stuck in a vicious cycle, not just of bloodshed, but also of helplessness.

Mormons want to save the Republican Party's soul. But is it too late?
The (London) Guardian: Mormon politicians have been some of Donald Trump's most voracious detractors -- from the right.

10 things we're learning about the LGBTQ debate in the church
Baptist News Global: If your congregation is willing to have a conversation about LGBTQ inclusion, here are 10 things Mark Wingfield's church learned that might be helpful to know.

The Presbyterian roots of ice hockey in North Korea
Atlas Obscura: When Americans represented Pyongyang with pride.

China's Catholics rue church's slide as powers debate control
The New York Times: Many are less concerned about disputes over the clergy than about a hollowing out of Catholic life in the Chinese countryside.

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