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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The holy work of seating charts

In this episode of "Can These Bones," co-host Bill Lamar talks with Albert Reyes, the president and CEO of Buckner International, about what Christian leaders should learn about management.

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The fear that drives the acquisition of weapons has tainted them, and we are called to put them down, writes a United Methodist pastor.

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In this time of disorientation in our culture, we must rediscover the beauty, truth and goodness of God. We can do this through extravagant love, imaginative storytelling, paying attention to awe and relentlessly reminding people of God's hope for the world, writes the theologian.

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Becoming a certified yoga teacher has deepened her connections to her evangelical Christian faith, writes the director of campus access initiatives with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.

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Arranging people in a room is holy work that requires managing power dynamics, cultivating crucial conversations and caring for people's comfort, writes a managing director at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

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