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Monday, February 12, 2018

The Bible Museum in D.C.: turning theology into history?

Bart Ehrman's latest: How Christianity took over the Western world
Religion News Service: Scholars have been grappling with how Christianity exploded on the scene for a long time. Bart Ehrman's goal is to bring that issue to the masses in plain English, marshaling the evidence and crunching the numbers.

C of E facing 3,300 sexual abuse claims, figures reveal
The (London) Guardian: Church of England spending on issues relating to sexual abuse has increased fivefold since 2014 and the most recent figures show it is facing more than 3,300 allegations.

Catholics have a messaging problem in China
The Atlantic: The Vatican seems desperate to beat Protestantism in the race for Chinese souls. Can it convince the population that it's not a "cult"?

A pastor helps revive MLK's most radical campaign
CNN: Most pastors say they preach the truth. The Rev. William Barber also delivers sermons on another topic: "the trick."

The Bible Museum in D.C.: turning theology into history?
Haaretz: Funded by a billionaire evangelical family, and with construction costs of $500 million, the Museum of the Bible is the most intriguing and most talked-about attraction in town.

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