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Thursday, February 8, 2018

St. Luke's North Park February 7th Report

St. Luke's North Park-February 7th Report

These past weeks we've been reflecting on the calling of Jesus' disciples -- and admiring the speed with which they cast down their nets, dropped their tools, and followed him.  Those calls were clear and powerful!  Today, God's voice can so easily be drowned out among the hiss of agendas, intrigue, and bedazzlement of 21st century American life.  Where might we find the space to breathe and listen once again for our particular call to follow the One who loves each of us dearly?

Join our Following Jesus class in February and March.  Starting this Sunday, Feb 11 at 12:30 pm, we'll spend 90 minutes each week together re-grounding ourselves in the story of God's people. Whether you've known yourself to be part of this story since birth, or whether it's a story you've just come across or are only now coming back to, we hope you'll take this journey with us!  Let's discover what the next step in our adventure of faith is and find the courage to take it.

St. Luke's own walk in faith over the past year has included fundraising for a commercial kitchen upgrade in order to make possible a refugee women's culinary arts job training program run by the International Rescue Committee.  We found out last week that we received a $25K matching grant from the Parker Foundation, so we invite you to help us raise a matching amount by giving what you can here:
May our God of peace and power soon transfigure this hurting world so that all God's people may know the joy and abundance that God dreams for each of us!

Peace, Laurel and Colin

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