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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Not all pain has to be explained

A young mother diagnosed with cancer talks about her new book, "Everything Happens for a Reason," and the connection to her work on the prosperity gospel as a Duke Divinity School professor.

In this episode of "Can These Bones," co-host Laura Everett talks with Astead Herndon, politics reporter for The Boston Globe, about why he's committed to helping other young professionals navigate this legacy institution.

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Beset by grief at the imminent death of a beloved former pastor, a minister and her congregation let liturgy lead them amid death and dying.

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When she was asked to help bail women out of a local detention center, a minister was at first surprised. But, she writes, she shouldn't have been.

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A challenge for most religious institutions is that our processes for filling leadership roles privilege those who were formed in our institutions -- not those outside, unlikely candidates more likely to lead transformative change -- writes a managing director of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

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A Canadian university president and author of a book on institutional leadership reflects in an interview on what it takes to guide a thriving organization.

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