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Friday, February 2, 2018

I kept my questions for the Rev. James Martin to myself

This pastor is putting his faith in a virtual reality church
Wired: D.J. Soto believes Christianity can be renewed through worship in virtual space. His VR mega-church is even attracting atheists.

Faith leaders mark 50th anniversary of Memphis sanitation workers' deaths
Religion News Service: The names Echol Cole and Robert Walker are far less familiar than the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. But it was the labor action over harsh working conditions triggered by their deaths that prompted King to travel to Memphis.

Creationism isn't about science, it's about theology (and it's really bad theology)
America: The question we need to ask is: What beliefs are creationists trying to uphold with science?

The Museum of the Bible is utterly inoffensive. The Bible is not.
Christian Century: Can artifacts and interactive exhibits ever do justice to scripture's wildness?

Why I kept my questions for the Rev. James Martin to myself
Religion News Service: Father James Martin's approach is fundamentally pastoral, and he is careful to never contradict Church teaching. This balance is what infuriates his detractors.

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