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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Billy Graham, the great uniter

Private funeral and weeklong events planned for Billy Graham
Religion News Service: Billy Graham will be buried on March 2 at the library he established in Charlotte, N.C., following a funeral service under a tent similar to the one where the evangelist held his first major revival nearly 70 years ago.
Religion News Service: RNS explores the life and legacy of Billy Graham

Billy Graham, the great uniter, leaves behind a divided evangelicalism
The Atlantic: The preacher, dead at 99, advised presidents, mentored clergy, and influenced millions of people. Will his legacy of non-partisan outreach continue?
The New York Times: Billy Graham's missed opportunities
The (London) Guardian: Billy Graham was on the wrong side of history

Why Billy Graham was determined to globalize evangelicalism

The Atlantic: Recognizing that Americans are not the future of his religion, the late preacher embraced "the black world, the white world, the yellow world, the rich world, the poor world."

Who was Billy Graham? Placing America's evangelist in history
Religion & Politics: It is compliment, not a category error, to claim that Graham was more than what he -- with a trademark humility that was both genuine and strategic -- claimed to be.

The Billy Graham backlash: Why speak ill of the dead?
Christian Today: Not speaking ill of the dead is quite a challenge in the adversarial, grandstanding age of the culture wars. But it's an urgent call.

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