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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What Barack Obama's Christianity can teach white evangelicals

What to say when you meet the Angel of Death at a party
The New York Times: After years of living with stage IV cancer, Kate Bowler has some suggestions.

What Barack Obama's Christianity can teach white evangelicals
Christian Today: Barack Obama spent nearly a decade trying to appeal to evangelicals' better angels, but by the end of his second term, he seemed convinced that darker impulses were winning.

How can these things be? Making sense of evangelical politics
Bearings: David J. Wood tries to make sense of the political commitments of his deeply pious, evangelical family.

Is the Benedict Option based on Christian principles -- or white middle-class ones?
America: We need to confess, confront and be converted from our own reluctance to share in the lives of the poor and to share our own life with them.

Pope Francis' blind spot on sexual abuse
Religion News Service: The fundamental problem is that the church has no process for judging bishops that is transparent and has legitimacy with the public, Thomas Reese says.

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