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Friday, January 26, 2018

Two recent comments by evangelical leaders deserve comment

Political Exegesis: On Mulligans and Turning Cheeks
What Tony Perkins gets almost right and Jerry Falwell Jr. gets wrong.
Mark Galli
We at CT are reluctant to enter the political fray on most issues because they rarely touch on core causes or issues for us. But when fellow evangelicals start exegeting and applying Scripture in the public square, we think we have something to add to the conversation. Two recent comments by evangelical leaders deserve comment. continue reading >>

Demonic Cheese-Donkeys and Immortal Peacocks: Augustine Does Science
How a church father loved God with his rational mind.
Proximity to Poverty's 'Destructive Culture'
Jesus said the poor will always be with you. But did he mean in your neighborhood?
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From souls to stomachs, seminaries are looking to expand their reach.
The Exchange
Personality Tests—A Waste or a Resource?
Personality tests are helpful tools to understand the gifts and abilities that the Lord has given us.
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A Professor's Perspective
Why Christian colleges emphasize mentorship.

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