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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Moody Bible president and COO both resign, provost retires

Our church was named for Robert E. Lee -- here is how we changed it
Religion News Service: In Episcopal churches directly associated with Robert E. Lee, the controversy has been a deeply emotional, semiprivate clash of sensibilities, one side claiming to respect the sacredness of history and the other, the history of sacredness.

Why repentant pastors should be forgiven but not restored to the pulpit
The Washington Post: When the pastor is exposed, some push the message of forgiveness, while others object, asking "How can we trust this guy?" Jonathan Leeman sides with the second group.

Ex-Mormons launch FaithLeaks to root out abuse and corruption in churches
Religion News Service: Call it the WikiLeaks of the religion world. A new website aims to bring transparency to the workings of religious congregations and denominations by publishing documents and data sets provided by anonymous sources.

Moody Bible president and COO both resign, provost retires
Christianity Today: Board unanimously decides "it is time for a new season of leadership."

China church demolition sparks fears of campaign against Christians
The (London) Guardian: Footage has emerged of the Golden Lampstand Church in Shanxi province being razed by local authorities.

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