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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Franklin Graham asserts that Trump could be toppled in a coup

Catholic Worker houses remain a place for protest and the poor
Religion & Politics: The biblical commandment to "love thy neighbor" doesn't seem to have much significance these days -- but it's a prescription Catholic Workers aim to wholly embody.

Four trends that demand Christian and Jewish leaders' attention
Religion News Service: Wake up, rabbis, pastors and priests. Demography, geography, time and technology are changing the ways you see and speak to one another.

A paper tears apart in a city that never quite came together
The New York Times: Turmoil and slow decline at the Los Angeles Times is symptomatic of something that L.A. has struggled with for nearly half a century: the absence of strong institutions to bind it together.

Franklin Graham asserts that Trump could be toppled in a coup
Baptist News Global: In a recent radio interview, evangelist Franklin Graham accused enemies of President Donald Trump of using the media to attempt to take over the country by bloodless coup.

African deportations are creating a religious controversy in Israel
The Atlantic: Thousands of vulnerable migrants may soon be deported, which many Jews see as inconsistent with their faith.

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